Pride48 Logo

What is Pride48?

Pride48 is a home for the LGBT podcasting community. LGBT and LGBT-friendly podcasters and listeners come together in community via our chatroom, website, podcasts, and annual events. We also offer help and resources for podcasters, and we advocate and promote podcasting by and for the LGBT community.

Free Resources

The Pride48 IceCast streaming server and IRC-based chatroom are available for any member of the Pride48 community to use freely. As the streaming server is a finite resource, access is granted based on a priority system: Pride48 events take priority, then scheduled shows, and finally, on-demand requests. We ask only two things from members using the streaming server: please do not play copyrighted music, and please do not disrespectfull to the Pride48 community.

Vibrant Community

Podcasts that are part of Pride48 participate in many of the same events. We do not view podcasting as a competitive medium —rather we try to support and learn from one another. Not only will you find a lot of the same listeners in the chatrooms during live broadcasts, but you will also find other podcasters there. Our two annual live-streaming events bring our podcasters and listeners together for our Pride event in June and our Las Vegas convention in September.

Podcast Advocacy

We believe that all voices in the LGBT community should have the opportunity to be heard. We help new podcasters with technical issues and offer them advice on podcasting equipment and services. Soon, our YouTube channel will host tutorials on podcasting tricks and techniques, as well as reviews of different podcasting equipment. As we expand, we plan to offer low-cost podcast hosting services to our members.