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History of Pride48

Pride48 started when cofounders Daniel Brewer and Adam Burns became friends and both started streaming their individual podcasts live. Each of them had their own streaming service and were paying seperately to stream to their audiences. One night while having a late night chat, they decided to combine forces and use one stream.

Adam had always wanted to start an online talk radio station and Daniel wanted more podcasts to start live streaming and have better interaction with the LGBT podcasting community and their audience. During this conversation, Adam and Daniel decided to start Pride48.

At Home Events

The initial concept was to offer this streaming service that they were sharing to other LGBT and LGBT friendly shows to use whenever it was free, and to have an event once a year where all of the shows streamed live over the course of a 48 hour weekend. Thus the name Pride48 was born.

The first event was held in June of 2009 as a "from home" event. We had 48 hours of live streaming during that first event. Since then, we have had over 50 shows participate in these events each year and it has helped to build a strong podcasting community. We've all made life-long friends as a result of this community.


After the first 2 years of the at home event, it was decided by the organizers that they thought it would be fun to have an in person event. Everyone got together and decided that Las Vegas would be the perfect place to house podcasters and listeners from all over the world for the first event.

The first event was held at the Luxor hotel in August of 2011. The event was organized by a committee of "suits" who would latter go on to organize many other events. That first event, even though a bit rough went off really well. We had over 40 participants and we broadcasted from an old banquet room on a top floor of the Luxor. We joked, the only payment we had to make was to keep the light on at the top of the pyramid and latter deemed it the "Old Abandoned Studio."

Over the years, we've always had this event in Vegas and have grown in numbers to over 100 participants. We've always had a great host in Luxor/Excalibur hotels. The events included a weekend of broadcasting live along with lots of fun events around the strip. The first year included at home streaming as well, but we later decided to limit at home streaming to the seperate events.

We've had too many voluteers to name over the years, but these events wouldn't have happened without the dedication of our "suits." A big thank you goes out to Joey Buchecker for his leadership in organizing great in person events. Along with Joey, other dedicated suits members have been Lurry Dean, Big Fatty, Nessa, Arthur (Amerinz), and Donna Suggarz. There are so many other dedicated community members who put in their blood sweat and tears that we can't mention them all here...but we are forever greatful for each and every one of the community members.

The Future

Going forward we would love to expand the community even further, and continue the live at-home events as well as the in person events. We are currently focusing on the at home events, and may have multiple such events in coming years. We will again have the in person event and look forward to seeing all of you there. We are also building out the website and will have many new features to announce soon. Join in and let's make this community even greater!! Have fun streaming!